Jessica Motley   Owner/Manager   801-230-4714

Adventure Dogs-Dog Walking/Hiking-Salt Lake City, UT

small packs.  BIG FUN!

     Adventure Dogs is a dog walking/hiking program servicing Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County.   

     Adventure Dogs is not just for fun.  Although we have plenty!  Our  goal is to give your dog quality exercise, fresh air and socialization.  Every day your dog will be exposed to different terrain and new friends.   We hike for at least an hour (usually longer).   I carry treats and water on our hikes to keep the energy level up and the morale high.  In the warmer months we also go swimming and seek higher, cooler elevations.  During the wetter and cooler months we make sure your dogs come home dry. I also pack the van with water, extra beds and blankets so they travel in comfort. 

     We are proud to offer your dog a quality experience by limiting our packs to 5 dogs.  We believe that 5 is plenty for having a great time.  More than that can get stressful for everyone. We also feel strongly about hiking in lots of different places.  It minimizes our impact and keeps the dogs from getting bored.  To ensure safety and fun for all, dogs that enter the Adventure Dogs program should know basic obedience and enjoy the company of other dogs.

      I look forward to meeting you and your dog. I haven't met a dog yet that doesn't love an adventure!